Mt. Lehman Cheese Co. | Recipe
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20 Apr Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes with Bufala Fresco

It is experiment time and all good experiments start with a question. Today I asked the question, "can Bufala Fresco be substituted for traditional cream cheese in a cheesecake recipe?" This was a fun chance to use our cheese, which is usually paired in savoury...

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12 Jul Sunday Lunch

Goat Cheese and Goji Berry Wrap   Sun-dried Tomatoe soft Tortilla Shell Mt Lehman Cheese Garlic & Herb Chevre Mt Lehman Cheese Matsqui aged cheddar - grated Gojoy Fresh Goji Berries - crushed Finely chopped seasoned chicken breast - cooked and cooled Spread a generous helping of chevre on tortilla shell. sprinkle...

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