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07 Dec Blue Capri

I started making Blue Capri back in 2003 for McKlennan Creek Dairy. In 2004 It won a Best in Show at the ADGA! McKlennan Creek Dairy is lost in time but I still continue making Blue Capri to this day. A Salty, Almost Fudgy Blue with a...

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07 Nov Fraser Valley Goat Feta

Our Feta is a Fresh Unpressed Brined Cheese. we Brine it for One Week and then let it dry off a bit before packing it up. we sell it in small vacuum sealed bags to keep it fresh for you.   SIZES AVAILABLE 180g Pieces - Barcoded Large Brick...

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07 Oct Frisky

A cooked-curd bloomy-rind cheese, ripened a minimum of 21 days. Our Frisky is named after our first "Momma Goat" back in the '80's, who shared the same name. Available Sizes Ash: 180g - Ripened with a fine layer of ash under a bloomy rind. Winter Herb Log: 100g - Dressed...

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07 Aug Mt Lehman Chevre

Soft spreadable cheese. This is what most people refer to as "Goat Cheese". Fresh and a little Tangy. Available in Plain, Herb and Garlic, and Black Pepper. SIZES AVAILABLE 110g Sealed Cups 1kg Bags...

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26 Jan Dutchess

A washed curd unpressed cheese available in plain, Garlic(scapegoat), and Cranberry.   SIZES AVAILABLE 200g Pieces - Bar-coded 1kg Brick...

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